Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where Are They Now?

            Last week, HCU alumus Rusty Pettus asked us concerning the whereabouts of some former IBC/HCU instructors. Here is what we uncovered.
Basil Overton is living with his daughter, Tessa, and her family in Anniston, Alabama.
Dr. Jim Smeal is living in Montgomery and teaching with Amridge University.
             Dr. David Warren has also transitioned to Montgomery where he teaches for Amridge.
             Dr. Coy and Sharlotte Roper are semi-retired in Texas. Dr. Roper completed his commentary on Exodus in the Truth for Today Commentary Series.
             Jerry and Alta Davidson are retired and living in Florence. Jerry serves as an elder with the Chisholm Hills congregation.
             Dr. Nathan Segars preaches for the West President church of Christ in Greenwood, Mississippi.
             Willard Pyles is retired and resides in Cullman, Alabama.
             Larry Murdock preaches for the Gandy Church of Christ in Tennessee.
             Drs. Steven and Cynthia Guy are transitioning from Woodson Chapel Church of Christ to the Myrtle Beach Church of Christ in June. Cindy’s book, Struggle, Seek, Grow (Gospel Advocate 2011) is receiving rave reviews.
             Frank Foust resides in Florence, Alabama, and is currently preaching for the Plainview congregation.
            Dr. Kippy Myers teaches for Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee.
            Dr. Joel Stephen Williams resides here in Florence and teaches adjunct for both HCU and Amridge University.
            Dr. David Lipe taught at Freed-Hardeman University and is now preaching for a congregation in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Southern Kentucky Partnership Dinner

On Tuesday evening, friends of Heritage Christian University gathered in Franklin, KY for the annual Southern Kentucky Partnership Dinner. It was a happy evening as HCU board member, Dale Jenkins, shared some of the lighter moments from his years in ministry and then spoke about the importance of preaching. President Dennis Jones updated guests on the progress of the university with special emphasis on the fact that HCU has now been training preachers, teachers, and missionaries for 40 years. He then introduced the guests to HCU students Josh Looney, Will Martin, Heather Murphy, and Derrick Sumerel. What a blessing it was as friends of the university gave generously toward the ongoing training of effective communicators of the gospel at Heritage Christian University.

HCU is grateful to Johnny Tucker and the Bethany congregation for both coordinating the event and preparing the delicious meal. Special thanks are also extended to the Franklin congregation for opening its facility to host the event and to the Bethany youth group for sharing some heartfelt singing.

A partnership dinner was also held at Tusculum in Nashville, TN on April 19. Upcoming partnership dinners are scheduled at the Mt. Juliet congregation in Mt. Juliet, TN on May 3, and at Hartsville Pike in Gallatin, TN on May 5.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Heritage Christian University -- The "Best Kept Secret in Town"

This blog entry was written by Hannah Burleson and placed on her blog.  We reprint it here with her permission.

It’s the only career where the work you do carries on past this life on earth. It’s ministry. Real-world ministry. And Heritage Christian University can prepare you for exactly that.

Are you the type of student HCU is designed for? Are you a diligent Christian who wants to make a difference in the kingdom of God? Are you self-motivated, hard-working, dependable and mature? Do you have defined goals while at the same time being open to God’s will and going where He guides you in your life? Do you want to know more about the Bible and about theology? Do you want to dedicate your life to God and His kingdom, and prepare yourself to make a difference in eternity?

There is a school that is specially designed for this kind of person. It is a school that is created to attract a certain audience in order to “provide a biblically based education, promote spiritual growth, and prepare communicators of the gospel.” Since its establishment in 1971, Heritage Christian University has offered four-year Bachelor’s degrees in Biblical Studies. It began with the purpose of providing only Biblical degrees so that the program could have sole-focus and therefore be the best Biblical studies program available. Higher degrees in Biblical studies have been added since.

Why choose Heritage Christian University?

Design. If you are the type of student HCU is designed for, you need to be there. The audience that HCU targets has a good personality, but knows when to be serious. He or she is more interested in evangelism and ministry than in wasting time on trivial things. This student is not seeking a school that provides the “fun, college life” but rather school where he or she can stretch and grow. The student would become restless and frustrated in a place that wasn’t designed for him or her. This student would flourish best at HCU.

Academics. The education at HCU is one of excellence. The school offers a “balanced, comprehensive, practical education.” Students are challenged academically, their passion for ministry is enhanced, and their skills for service are strengthened. HCU offers a variety of programs to fit the needs of each student. Degrees offered are: AA in Biblical Studies, BA in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts, and Master of Ministry.

Faculty. HCU is blessed to have the best faculty around. Instructors at Heritage have degrees from schools including Brite Divinity School, Hebrew Union College, and Brandeis University, among others. With instructors specializing in everything from general education to practical ministry to Old Testament to New Testament to Counseling, and more, HCU instructors are a tremendous asset to the school and will not disappoint you.

Finance. Because HCU is a donation-driven school rather than a tuition-driven school, the supreme education it provides can be offered at about half the cost other schools offer Biblical Degrees in. Heritage is blessed with a hard-working President, Dennis Jones, who travels and works hard to make and maintain relationships with people and churches who see the students HCU turns out and desire to make financial contributions. There is also a donations office dedicated to making sure the school stays in good financial order. Besides those working on the donations side of things, a financial aid office is run by Mechelle Thompson who can help you with scholarships, grants, loans, etc. She will make sure you are getting the best deal for your education that can be provided.

Real-World. Not only does HCU give you the head-knowledge you need to be prepared for ministry, but the school also is a hard believer in hands-on learning. Part of the curriculum asks the student to always be involved in some form of Christian Service. This includes anything a variety of things: Bible-class teaching, preaching, door-knocking, jail ministry, etc. There are always new opportunities in this area. Besides the Christian Service program, HCU also organizes opportunities for students to go on campaigns each Spring and each Fall to “get in the field” and use the skills and knowledge HCU is providing. The real-world aspect of HCU ensures that the student will not graduate and go into the field without knowing what to do. It ensure success in ministry.

Distance Learning. Because ministry is so demanding and time-consuming, HCU offers the opportunity for students to get their education online. Students can watch their classes through Tegrity and communicate with instructors and submit assignments through Populi. This allows flexibility in the students at HCU. Michael Jackson is in charge of this department and he keeps things running smoothly for these students. No need to worry about “technical difficulties.” Michael Jackson and Alana Marks know the system backward and forward, and will always have an answer to your question. And if not, they will find the answer.

Students. The students at HCU will relate with you. They share your passion for God. They share your passion for seeing souls saved, learning more about God, and making a difference in the kingdom. Students at HCU work together to make the world and the school a better place. They have a family-like relationship with each other that can be found no place else.

The bottom line: I grew up in the Florence area and graduated from Mars Hill Bible School. I was actively involved in my youth group and in all of the area teen events. And I never knew that Heritage Christian University was designed for me. I had plans to attend another school, but God intervened. He brought my husband into my life through at HCU campaign and that’s how I learned that I was the type of student HCU was designed for. I changed my plans and came to HCU. And I want to get the word out. Because I am so thankful everyday that I decided to continue my education at Heritage Christian University.

Here is a link to the HCU website if you are interested in finding out more:
Heritage Christian University

-Hannah Burleson 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Heritage Happenings

Cory Collins begins a meeting with the Cloverdale Church of Christ here in Florence this Sunday (April 17). Sunday services: Bible study (9 am), Worship (10 am & 5 pm). The meeting runs through Wednesday; services are at 7:00 pm Monday through Wednesday.

Dr. Jeremy Barrier has been doing mission work in India this past week. He has just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City where he will conduct a leadership training session.

Dr. Justin Imel will be speaking at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ Sunday evening (April 17); services begin at 6:00.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Campaign Report from Hohenwald, Tennessee

Work with the Springer Church of Christ

Written by Zach Dayton, HCU Student

From March 19 to 23, 2011, I had the great privilege of leading four students – Charles Jones, Wil Martin, Chase Walters and myself – in a campaign with the Springer Church of Christ in Hohenwald, Tennessee. We went to Hohenwald to help the congregation reach out in its community and to encourage the local brethren. Yet, the congregation greatly encouraged us.

We arrived at the building about 4:30 Saturday afternoon, and the church had a huge fish fry ready for us. We met several new people that night, including the local preacher, Mark McDonald. We stayed with Mark and his family. Usually staying at the home of a complete stranger brings a lot of stress, but when we left, we were close friends.

Brad McKinnon, the Christian Service Director at Heritage Christian University, drove back and forth between Florence and Hohenwald to preach in the Gospel Meeting. His amazing lessons were designed to motivate the church to be active in the Lord’s work.

Personally, the most encouraging part of the campaign was the devotional we held every morning. A different student conducted the devotional each morning. The devotionals gave us a message from God’s Word to help wake us up and to put us in a proper frame of mind to do the Lord’s work.

We students went out in the community to knock doors. As we went, we were mindful of the trust the church had given us to set the proper example in the community. We knocked over 200 doors and had over 130 contacts. We were able to put many flyers into people’s hands.

At Heritage Christian University, we – from students to administration – have a serious focus on real-world ministry, so we do things many other schools do not do. We take a whole week each semester to send students different places to bless churches by putting our training into practice.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Welcome to HCU's first blog post!

At Heritage Christian University, we have a rich, forty-year history of service to churches of Christ. We continue that heritage today through weekly Christian service, campaigns each semester, and every opportunity we find. The program here is academically rigorous and immensely practical. Our singular focus of training effective communicators of the Gospel has allowed the University to train graduates who impact lives for eternity.

This blog seeks to tell the story of what HCU students, faculty, and alumni are doing throughout the world. We welcome you to our blog, and in the days ahead, we look forward to sharing our story.