Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Child-like or Childish?

Written by Dr. Bill Bagents

I greatly appreciated a recent Bible class discussion of Mark 10:13-16. Obviously, there are ways that we need to be like little children. Just as obviously, 1 Corinthians 13:11 reminds us that there are ways we must NOT be childish. The following contrasts help us hold these vital truths in biblical balance.

Positive Child-like Qualities Negative Childish Qualities
Trusting. Innocent. Pure in heart. Naïve. Uncritically believing every assertion.
Freely, honestly loving Possessive, jealous.
Always learning. Eager to learn. Finding joy in learning. Resistant to the labor of learning. Preferring play.
Joyous, stress free, happy. Happy only when I get my way.
Dependent, knowing we need help. Grateful. Overly, unhealthily dependent. Too needy, too high maintenance.
Affectionate. Willing to express affection. Failing to or wrongly expressing affection.
Sharing. Generous. Selfish
Accepting, quick to make friends. Fearful of others, too cautious, too closed.
Filled with a sense of wonder. Still amazed by the beauty and complexity of God’s creation. No sense of wonder. Afraid of the unknown. Fearful of everything new. Bored.
Pliable. Flexible. Able to grow. Overly rigid. Unwilling to make needed changes.

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  1. Great Article. I will use this at some point for a lesson. Thanks!
    Bill Perkins