Monday, December 10, 2012

Positive Enabling

Be Blessed to Bless Them

Written by Dr. Bill Bagents

We often hear about the negative side of enabling. There’s a huge amount of literature of codependency that warns against making it easy for people to continue self-destructive behavior. The dangers are acute and pervasive.

Positive enabling is a blessed concept. Some describe it as setting people up for success. There’s a wonderful example in 1 Chronicles 22.

David accepted God’s decision that he would not be allowed to build the temple (22:7-8). Though God owed no explanation, He graciously provided one. David was a man of war. The temple of God would be built by a man of peace.

David chose to welcome the fact that his son would be allowed to build God’s temple (22:9-10). No jealously. No bitterness. No competition. David recognized and accepted God’s blessing.

David chose to help his son in every way that he could, and he found many ways. • He appointed skilled masons to hew stones (22:1). • He prepared iron, bronze, and wood for the construction (22:3-4). • He directly charged Solomon to build an excellent house for the Lord (22:5-6). • He asked God to give his son wisdom and understanding (22:12). • He reminded Solomon that God’s favor depended on Solomon’s faithfulness (22:12). • He commanded the leaders and the workmen to help Solomon (22:17-18). • He reminded everyone of God’s gift of peace and rest (22:18). • He urged all to serve by setting their hearts and souls to seek the Lord (22:19).

David set Solomon up for success. He positively enabled his son. He recognized that Solomon’s task was great. He knew that Solomon was young and inexperienced (22:5). Without undermining or demeaning, David took practical steps to bless his son.

David sets a strong example for us. When others are doing right to the glory of God, we’re blessed to bless them. As we contribute to and encourage their good works, we maximize God’s blessing for all. What a joy to set our hearts and souls to seek the Lord and to build one another up in the name of the Lord.

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