Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of Primary Importance

Mission Work

Mission work – whether domestic or foreign – has always been of primary importance to Heritage Christian University. Our original name, International Bible College, emphasized the universal nature of the gospel of Christ. We know that Jesus really meant His command to take the truth to every person on this planet (Matt 28:18-20). We also understand that without an obedient faith responding to the gospel men stand lost before the Creator. Thus, we do everything within our power to snatch men and women from the coming fire (cf. Jude 23).

This week some from the HCU family have left comfort and home to preach Jesus’ message.

Joey Barrier and family, accompanied by Travis and Stacey Harmon, will travel to Peru to work with HCU alumnus Ramon Gonzales.

Dr. Jeremy Barrier and his father, HCU Board Member Wayne Barrier, are in Asia. They sent this report Monday morning: “Everything is fine here in the Philippines. We are in Cebu, Philippines, and we are teaching in the Philippine Institute of Biblical Studies. We also preached several times yesterday for several congregations. One of the congregations meets in a restaurant. The owner of the restaurant, Helen, is a widow, and she has all of her workers attend the worship, while they take a ‘break’ from working on Sunday. She's quite evangelistic and has converted quite a few of them.

HCU student Bubby Rushing is in Lithuania. He sent the following report: "I am in Vilnius, Lithuania preparing for a camp starting later today in Moletai, Lithuania. The camp is for ages 8-13 and includes boys and girls. The camp is a week long and is set up like most youth camps in America. During the week I will be serving as a counselor, a Bible teacher, and on Wednesday, I will be the keynote speaker for the nightly worship. I started being a part of this work in 2008 and was also able to be here in 2009, but due to financial difficulty in 2010 the camp session was closed for the year. Other people on this trip include Danny Dodd, Bud Meyer, Stacy and Hillary Humphries, Judy Peacock, Judy Julian, Stephanie Williams (all of Pensacola Florida), and Scott Jordan (from Memphis Tennessee). Also, while we are here, we are spending time with local church members and ministers encouraging and in fellowship with them. So far it's been a very rewarding and great trip so far."

We ask that you remember these efforts before the Father’s throne.

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