Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spiritual Enrichment Conference

Spiritual Enrichment Conference

by Justin Imel

My first experience with workshop was nearly twenty years ago, but the memories are strong. More than a thousand people singing in the chapel on Wednesday evening. Lunch with Jule Miller who patiently answered my questions about evangelism. Charles Coil’s lesson that sent chills down my spine. Forming friendships with students and alumni, relationships that remain as strong as ever.

This year, “workshop” will look much different than it did in 1992. It’s now the Spiritual Enrichment Conference, a name reflecting the spiritual feast some of the brotherhood’s best teachers will provide. The SEC won’t take place on Heritage Christian University’s campus, but we’re going to the four-star Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa. Because we’re going to the Marriott, we’ll need to register by September 9.

Yeah, the Spiritual Enrichment Conference will look different, but I know powerful memories will be made. I’m excitedly anticipating the Sunday morning worship with so many brethren. Both Jule Miller and Charles Coil have gone to their reward, but I’m looking forward to hearing great men of God such as Dan Chambers and Jeff Jenkins. I’m an alumnus now, so I will get to rekindle old bonds and form new ones.

That’s why I’m attending the Spiritual Enrichment Conference September 22-25. Why will you be coming?

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