Friday, August 12, 2011

A New Leaf

Redeeming the Time

Written by Hannah Burleson

At the end of every semester (be it Fall, Spring, or Summer), when it gets to the final two weeks, I always realize how quickly it flew by and what a massive amount I need to get done, even though I kept thinking "I have plenty of time to do it." Then I always spend those two weeks stressed to the the max as I eat, breath, and live papers, projects, and exams. At the beginning of every new semester, remembering how miserable it was the previous semester as a result of my own procrastination, I get really excited about how I am going to do things differently this time. I am going to have a schedule and get everything done early. And I am going to be on top of every assignment. And I am NOT going to procrastinate. And I am going to do all that and still have extra time for God, my husband, my family, my friends, and myself. And I am going to be the most well-rounded, organized, get-it-done college girl on the planet. And then that never actually happens. I always fall into the same rut that I always fell into.


This is it. I'm turning over a new leaf. This Fall, I am going to TRULY be that well-rounded, organized, get-it-done college girl. I am going to be the model Christian, wife, student, and friend. And I am NOT going to procrastinate or waste valuable time.

Oh, really? How, you ask? I have a plan this time. I have created a schedule which, if followed carefully, will allow me to fly through the semester (hopefully) stress-free. Here's what the schedule is going to be like:

SUNDAY: Sunday will be entirely devoted to Eva and the going's on at Eva.

MONDAY: Monday will be dedicated to the home. I will spend Monday's cleaning, buying groceries, doing laundry, and other various household chores.

TUESDAY: Tuesday, I will be in Florence at HCU. I have The Gospels with Cory Collins at 8:00 am. I have Timothy and Titus with Ted Burleson at 1:00 pm. Before heading home, we will have supper with my grandmother.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday, I will have two online classes to spend time on. At 8:00, I have Daniel and Ezekiel with Nathan Daily. At 1:00, I have Ethics with Kerry Williams. Then, of course, Wednesday night Bible Study.

THURSDAY: Thursday morning, I will be in Florence at HCU. At 8:00, I have Introduction to Christian Theology with Cory Collins. Thursday afternoons will be spent getting a head-start on assignments for school.

FRIDAY: The entire day is dedicated to reading, homework, and assignments. If I'm good, maybe I'll get a date night with my husband every now and then. ;)

SATURDAY: Everyone deserves a day off, right? After all, it IS football season. (ROLL TIDE!)

I think I can do it. :)

If I have inspired anyone to join me in the quest to be the best you can be, click on the link below which will direct you to a helpful website which provides some helpful time-management tools:

Master Your Time. :)

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