Friday, October 28, 2011

For the Asking . . . .


Written by Dr. Bill Bagents

Are good people happier when they see me coming or see me going?

Do I make life more complicated or more interesting for those who love me?

Have I learned to enjoy listening more than talking and serving more than being served?

Does God’s word speak to me, or do I try to tell it what I want to hear?

When I learn that I’ve been wrong, do I work to save face or do I work to get right?

When I find myself angry, do I pause to pray or proceed to punish?

When I find myself sad, do I first look upward or inward?

When things go right, is my first action a prayer of gratitude to God?

When things go wrong, do I remember that it might be my doing?

Have I learned to let going last be OK? Do I trust God to keep count of whatever needs to be counted?

When slighted, do I remember that God will exalt the humble in due time?

When rescued, do I remember to see God’s gracious hand?

When others are honored, do I choose to feel great joy? Do I show them that joy?

When others hurt, do I choose to share in their pain? If so, how will they know that?

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