Thursday, July 28, 2011


HCU and Balance

Written by HCU Alumnus Matthew Morine

As most people know, I been to a lot of churches of Chirst schools. I have even attended Denver Seminary for a Doctorate level class. So this around the block is true about me. This has caused problems, as people have written to me (and up) about how liberal I am and also how conservative I am. And some people just do not have a clue how to label me, which is just great in my mind. It is sad that we judge people totally by the school that one attended. I can totally say that there have been totally liberal people at the conservative schools and conservative people at the most progressive schools. Some people will cast you off just because you attended a certain school. At this point in my education, and from the wide range of schools I have attended, this is misjudging of people. The best thing to do is call, instead of assume. All of this, what I call balance was mostly modeled and taught at Heritage Christian University. I really have followed the lessons of this school throughout my ministry. The school is generally conservative in theology or doctrine, but is willing to do what it takes to reach out into the world. It is balanced in its approach to the issues in the church. It taught me that no matter what your view is on an issue, responding to the issue is just as important. Being right is never a reason to act wrong. People during my time there, Dennis Jones the president, Bill Bagents, and Coy Roper really modeled this approach. These guys were sound in the scriptures, but loving in the interactions with the brotherhood. I believe this spirit of the school lives on as I am friends with some of the new teachers. I believe this school and the professors really formed the way that I operate in the church. Sometimes I might take fire for this approach, but I believe that no matter how people treat me, no matter my personal understanding of certain doctrines, it never gives me the right or the excuse to mistreat my follow man. At Castle Rock, we have a saying, “You can be right, and still wrong.” HCU taught this to me. I taught a deep love for the Churches of Christ, and this spirit continues during my studies at Harding School of Theology (Mark Parker will be happy I used the new name). So sometimes I have friends on the progressive side of the church, I have friends on the conservative side of the church, and I love them all. It does not always mean I agree with everything that is happening, but it means that I will continue to be presence for good wherever the Lord leads me. People sometimes wonder where I stand, I must state clearly and yes, pridefully, hopefully in a good way, I am a Church of Christ man (no I do not understand the big “C” and little “c” debate, so I just use it anyway I feel fit to). I love my fellowship, the doctrine and teachings of my fellowship, and the love that it has given me. As someone who has not grown up in the south or in the history of the churches of Christ, I still feel a total loyalty to it. I know some will say, you should be loyal to Christ, and I feel being loyal to the Church does not mean that I am not loyal to the Lord, it is just part of the faith journey. In all that I do in the church and for the Lord, I do with the spirit that HCU taught me, of being balanced, and treating people right, no matter on the stand on the issue is.

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