Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christian Service

Real-World Ministry

At the heart of Heritage Christian University lies real-world ministry. We don’t just expect our students to know the biblical text or the latest theories about ministerial leadership. Our students need to be able to take what they’ve learned in the classroom to preach the Word or to comfort the hurting or to counsel a teen. Thus, HCU students participate in at least two hours of a Christian service project each week. Here are the latest numbers for the good work taking place at HCU.

Total Activities 2011

  • Sermons Preached: 718
  • Classes Taught: 962
  • Led Singing: 272
  • Personal Studies: 254
  • Correspondence Studies: 272
  • Visits Made: 1,059
  • Benevolent Activites: 3,632
  • Cards/Notes Sent: 1,072
  • Youth Activities: 272
  • Articles Published: 185
  • Church/Community Service: 371

Total Responses 2011

  • Baptisms: 62
  • Restorations: 80
  • Prayer Requests: 627

May God continue to be glorified at HCU!

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