Thursday, July 21, 2011


T.I.T.U.S. Camp

Ray Reynolds
Founder & Director of TITUS Camp

T.I.T.U.S. Camp stands for Teens In Training for Useful Service. The camp was founded in 2005 after the model I found assisting the Bear Valley School of Preaching with their Future Preachers Training Camp as an Advanced Homiletics professor. Our training camp takes place on the campus of Heritage Christian University in Florence, Alabama.

TITUS Camp exists for the purpose of training seventy young people (13-19 years of age) to be better equipped for Christian service. All campers are put into a spiritually enriched environment where they are given the tools and training they need to serve God more effectively. They are assigned a topic to research the first day and encouraged to prepare a lesson to be delivered on the final day of camp. Several local churches sponsor these young people and allow them to use their talents before graduation.

Over the years, our voluntary staff has included many HCU professors and HCU alumni (Ray & Sarah Reynolds, Travis & Stacy Harmon, Jess & Lori Eastep, Travis & Whitney Creasy, Dr. Bill Bagents, Cory Collins, Dr. Ted Burleson, President Dennis Jones, Sonny Owens, Tim Spivy, Gary Marshall, Larry Davenport, Philip Goad, Mechelle Thompson, Wayne Kilpartick, Chris Moran, Micheal Jackson, Dr. Jeremy Barrier, and many others).

We each want to help these young people to grow spiritually, strengthen their ministry skills, and be equipped for Christian service. This camp is unlike other camps that just train young people in that we will find local churches where they can actually serve! We want them to use their talents immediately!

All students who attend TITUS Camp will have daily Bible classes, training classes, Homiletics, library research, lesson preparation, Christian service, "Give a Defense" (which is a challenging class to test your Bible knowledge), and team building. Two favorite events are “Manna in the Morning” (which is a devotional to get you started each morning), and “POWER HOUR” (which is our final devotional each night)! Some years we offer classes in personal evangelism, song leading, spiritual maturity, spiritual leadership, counseling, youth ministry, and other ministerial fields.

This year we allowed the kids to make bulletin boards and pillows for kids who lost everything in the tornadoes that ripped through North Alabama. We helped box up shoes for Haitian disaster relief, and we spent a day in Hackelburg cleaning up the site where they are rebuilding the church there. The kids washed and cleaned out all the church vans and counselor's vehicles. They also cleaned up the entire campus and grounds.

Also, we ask the kids for a $25 non-refundable application fee to start the application process. All other funds needed to conduct this camp comes from congregations and members of the churches of Christ. It is the greatest work that I have ever been a part of in my life. If you cut me, I will bleed TITUS Camp!

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